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Quiet Time for Moms: 5 Ways to make it Happen

Cupping both hands around the warm cup, I sip my cocoa and peeked over yonder. Our street looked beautiful covered in snow.  Ah, gentle and lush snow, powdery heavenly beauty. I sat down at the table, opened my Bible and started flipping through the pages. Content. At peace. In total stillness.


Unfortunately, no. This is not my morning routine. If I am lucky and all 3 kids are still in bed, I would be able to grab a few minutes to myself there and then. But that’s just it with kids, right? There’s always something happening, early morning, midi and even late at night.

quiet time for moms

Quiet Time for Moms

Being a mother has changed my quiet time routine. I don’t always wake up early to enjoy my time with God. Whist expecting our first-born, I had the chance to meet this beautiful wife of a South African rugby player who played with my husband. She shared to me these few tips – which I found odd and hilarious then – on how she gets in her quiet time with God. Now a mom, I now not only understand her but I find myself doing exactly what she shared 5 years ago.

We all need to have our quiet times with our loving God. To communicate with our Father who will restore, refuel and encourage us in His word. Quiet time with God means having that inner peace when all else is in chaos. Sometimes life’s events and schedules throw us off our paths and most times we find ourselves too busy for Him. Sounds familiar? That sums up this mamma’s life. A good friend always quoted, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. How can we serve our families if we are tired, worn out, and in need of love and mending ourselves.

The truth is moms don’t always make it to their personal times with God. And it’s certainly not a matter of competing or comparing with others on how they’re getting it done either. It’s building a relationship between an individual and God, me and God. So don’t fret if you can only get in as little as 5 to 10 mins, a little quiet time is better than no quiet time at all. 

Quiet Time: 5 Ways To Make It Happen

1 Breakfast Time

If your kids are old enough to feed themselves, you can use that time to read a chapter or two from the Bible and say a prayer. A great way to start your day with God’s peace and His Words.  (Psalm 59:16)

2 Car Trips

Getting to town, work or shopping, this mom would use the car trip to talk to God. Sometimes she’d put on music and podcasts. Hearing the same sermons over and over again, even on these short trips, helps her meditate on God’s words. (Joshua 1: 8-9)

3 Kids Nap-time 

It’s amazing the number of chores we get done when the kids are down for their nap. Mom’s are experts at multi-tasking right? Why not put in the laundry and spend a few minutes reading the Word. (Philippians 4:7-9)

4 Stay-Up Late Mom

If you stay up late most nights, you may set aside your quiet time then. Getting our hearts put right through the Scriptures, creating a calm, peaceful environment within us and within our homes. (Psalms 1:2)

5 Early Riser Mom

As the kids get older (and learn to love sleep-ins), rendez-vous with our Father in the early morning of each day. Committing ourselves and our families into our Heavenly Father’s hands to guide and lead us through the day. (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

Shared from one mom to another, we’re sharing it with you. From as little as 5 minutes, the first step is to get it in, making the most of a few minutes here and then, making it a habit…and before you know it, you’re growing…in your time with God and in your daily life. (Psalms 68:19) And the more we dip ourselves into His Word, the more we’ll understand and experience God in our families. No matter what weather we will go through, even in the greatest of storms we are still inside. Still and comforted knowing Him who holds all things, in perfect peace.




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