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Motivational Quotes by Bishop T.D. Jakes


When we sail life’s turbulent waters . . . What are our first thoughts when we hear of unfavorable situations? What decisions do we make the moment our world comes crashing down?

We all need motivation in life’s journey, sailing to our ports, our destination, our dreams, our goals. It won’t be all smooth sailing. We will encounter rough seas and high waves. Sometimes we will sail with the wind, sometimes against it. Those who we surround ourselves with contribute greatly to our journey.

Here is a list of 10 motivational quotes by author and pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes. Whether we are struggling in our faith, our marriage, our family or with others, let’s not forget we are all sailing through life. We are here only for a season. Go on and live life. And live it well.

10 Motivational Quotes by Bishop T.D. Jakes


“Never make a permanent decision about a temporary situation.”


“God has invested entirely too much in you for you to be comfortable in anything less than you were created to be.”


“As we forge deeper into this issue of forgiveness, we must be prepared to open up and discuss things that bother us before they escalate to a crisis level. We must examine our struggles with forgiveness in which there are not overt offenses or blatant betrayals. I’m convinced that seeds of resentment take root in the silent frustrations that never get discussed. Other people cannot read our minds – or our palms! – and that is why we have tongues to speak.” 


Silence isn’t golden and it surely doesn’t mean consent, so start practicing the art of communication.” 


“Time is a precious commodity and it must be used carefully and judiciously. Your time is worth everything. Time is your greatest weapon, so choose the situations and circumstances that are worth fighting for. Don’t waste your time fighting meaningless battles. Meaningless combat won’t help your future. Invest your time where it matters. On the way to destiny, know that there will be battles to fight. Know that what you’re fighting for is worth it. Your children, your marriage, your career are always worth fighting for, but even then, you may come to a point when you have to give up an active fight and just let God fight the battle for you.”  


“Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where destiny leads.” 


“What you can do is embrace what you have right now and allow it to fill the vacancies of what you didn’t get yesterday.”  


“If you stick your head in the sand and ignore things that you have the power to change, you can’t blame anyone when they don’t turn out right.” 


“When God has a plan for your life, I don’t care how much you murmur and complain and kick and fuss and scream and yell. When you know that God has a plan for your life, He got you tied up… I serve a God who will tie you up when you’re acting crazy, tie you up, while you’re trying to do your own thing, tie you up while your temper is raging, tie you up, when your ambition is out of control. Sometimes, God will tie you up til the time is right. Nothing will work, your money won’t work, your career won’t work, the boyfriend will leave, the house will sell, cause when God has you tied up, He’s not gonna let you get away. He’ll say, Be still and see the salvation of the Lord.” 


“It is important to remember that for every person, there will be a problem. Even more importantly, for every problem, our God has a prescription.” 

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