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Mothering Is For-giving

mothering is forgiving

She placed the clean doormats and recalled the many reminders for them not to wet the bathroom floors.

She cleaned the house, mopped the floors and hung out the laundry.

Next, she set out to prepare lunch.

All the while she hummed her favorite song and thought of the day ahead.

Then it was bath time for the kids who were out frolicking in the meadow.

She called them in. They trooped in heading straight to the bathroom leaving behind a trail of dirt, which she quickly swept away.

She placed their laundry in the washer and upon her return saw her youngest had helped himself to lunch, splattering food all over the kitchen table. She cleaned the table, set him in his high-chair wiping food off his chubby hands.

Lunch was the norm bickering here and there, noisy as usual. Someone complains there’s no more bread, someone demands more water whilst another belts out a song.

Next came nap time. The kids went into their rooms as she silently clears up the table. She checks in on them, fluffing pillows, throwing kisses.

 Finally, she heads to the bathroom.

Her feet sinks into the squishy wet doormats that align the bathroom floor. There was water everywhere.

Didn’t she remind them not to let water out of the tub? Didn’t she just wash the doormats yesterday?

She rolls up the doormats, throws them into the laundry bin and takes them out to dry. She fetches the mop for the second time that day. Voila, a clean and dry bathroom. She hopes it stays that way for the rest of the day.

She then gets into the shower to cool off. To cool it all off. The summer heat, the kids bickering, her husbands demands. She softly murmurs one word, “Forgiveness”.

Though the kids bicker now. She understands it is just for a season. For next season they would be in school. Who would have lunch with her then? For that, she has learnt to forgive.

Though her husband gets water everywhere when bathing the kids, she knows they have a ball; splashing and giggling in there. For that, she has learnt to forgive.

Her friends, her family…. She has learnt to forgive.

Building a family, a marriage; is governed by forgiveness.

Easily said (and written) than done.

Forgiving them. She’s not doing it for them. No. She forgives them for herself.

‘Cause you see forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior, be it intentional, impulsive or good humor. Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying her heart.

 mothering is forgiving

International best-selling author  Bryant McGill wrote, “There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love”.

Forgiveness has become a life-style for mothers. It is something they are naturally inaugurated into as they embrace their new roles. Speaking of the mothers I know, of which many were privileged to learn from their own.

It’s the little things our mothers do every single day, over and over. They know they will fold laundry, clean house and wash the dishes again, if not today, tomorrow or the next day.

Still they do what they have to do for today.

Mothers know everything on this earth has its season. They’ve carried babies, nurtured and loved them. And one day they will have to let them go, to fly out on their own. 

And for that they choose to forgive.

Here’s to our mommas out there…Thank you for being the inspirational and living testimony of what life and love is all about.

Mother-on super-mommas.

Claim your motherly thrones and live this for-giving life for HIS Glory.