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Kids Travels: Aquarium de La Rochelle

If you’re planning a family trip to the southwestern part of France, surely you must visit La Rochelle.

La Rochelle is a lively coastal town and is the capital of the Charentes-Maritine department. Its Vieux Port (old port) and Renaissance architecture is proof of the towns rich history. Then there’s the seafood, the urban beaches, and numerous family attractions including the Aquarium de La Rochelle.

Aquarium de La Rochelle

aquarium de la rochelle

Aquarium de La Rochelle is a family-friendly aquarium and is home to 12,000 marine animals and 600 different species.

Our visit began by descending in a ‘submarine’ to the ocean floor. Exiting the ‘submarine’, a fabulous glass walkway of jelly-fish greets us. From hereon, we set out to discover the underwater world.

The aquarium has well maintained pools displaying a great variety of marine animals. Different parts of the oceans of the world are on display in each pool. Displays include informed and interactive descriptions in both English and French. Plus headsets are also available with clear explanations in all languages.

Aquarium de la Rochelle

A creative initiative by the aquarium is the shark tunnel for kids. Kids get a closeup view in the ‘kids zone’. They happily trod in and out of the tunnels yapping about this fish and that.

The aquarium is also equipped with  numerous amphitheaters. This allows families to incorporate break-times with the kids. We sat down (at least 3 times) and admired the magnificent color-jellyfish, UFO-like rays and the fearsome sharks. Most of the toddlers that day excitedly squeal as they view the displays.

Onto the 2nd floor and we find ourselves in the Gallery of Lights. Here we witness the breathtaking beauty of brilliant colors by marine species as they light up in and around their natural environment.

Exiting the aquarium, we enter the exotic rain-forest. Its tree-level walkways and tropical fauna takes us back to the islands. With timid turtles and a cool waterfall, families line up to take pictures after an enjoyable underwater-world adventure.

Aquarium de La Rochelle

The Aquarium de La Rochelle is located in: Quai Louis Prunier, 17000, La Rochelle.

Planning a trip there? Visit their website to get the latest tariffs and promotions.

Bonnes vacances!

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