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Guavas, the Good Fruit of Olden Days

Growing up in the village I was surrounded by green vegetation, eating produce  fresh from the land, freshwater fish from the river and surrounded by fresh and abundant fruits all year round.

School-days meant catching the 7am bus to school in the mornings and walking back home in the afternoons. Lining our dusty, gravel road were cassava plantations, taro plantations, tall elegant coconut trees and numerous fruit trees, which included jackfruit trees, lemon trees and guava trees.

Oh how we attacked those guava trees! We’d even pack the guavas in our school-bags to eat along the route home.


Imagine my delight when I discovered guavas at our vegetable store Grand Frais last weekend. It has been 5 long years since I last saw a guava tree let alone taste its fruit. Of course I had to get some for myself.

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with this fruit, guava is a common tropical fruit which has a juicy flesh and strong sweet aroma. Their juicy flesh varies in colours, from red to white.

I’ve listed below five benefits of consuming guavas:

  1. Immunity booster
  2. Diabetes-friendly
  3. Healthy Heart
  4. Improves eyesight
  5. Treats cough and cold

Did you know that this tropical fruit contains anti-aging properties? Not that I’m hinting or anything (no seriously). I’m merely noting the benefits that this super fruit is packed with. Now that’s just a few of the many benefits of guavas. In fact you can read here the 31 amazing benefits of guavas.

You can either eat the whole guava or remove the seeds (preferred for les enfants). To add flavour to this fruit, you can cut it up and dip it in your favorite dips, or make guava juice, smoothies and jam. My favortie is peeled and cut up guavas, with a dash of salt, curry powder and chopped up chillie et voila…A perfect afternoon snack. You can also eat the rind, it is edible.

Yes, a super fruit. But like everything else edible, guavas are to be consumed rationally. Do not consume too much, take it from someone who has grown up eating this fruit daily (I’m giggling as I typed that). Too much of this fruit (with the seeds) causes constipation.


Yet, research concludes that guavas cure constipation. “Surely these health professionals did not grow up in the tropics”, I thought to myself. I did a google search to find out why. And I’ll let you in on the secret (and save you the research too), Do Not Chew the seeds. We are to either swallow or gulp the seeds, not chew. Guava seeds when ingested whole helps cure constipation and aids in digestion. Was that a first for you? Definitely a first for me.

So, as mentioned, after 5 long years away from home, I finally bought myself 3 medium sized, light green guavas. I ate them all as the MR. was not keen, I think due to the fear of the ‘C’ (but shush..we won’t tell the world). After 5 long years I finally discovered how to eat my guavas the right way.

Don’t worry, I took out the seeds for mine. After all, I wasn’t looking to ‘cure’ anything. 😀

Now that you are aware, I know you will be eating your good, golden guavas the right way, whatever the reason. 😉



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